Jump-out results


Callaghan Park, Friday, January 10, 2014

Weather: Overcast

Track: Dead 5

Jump-out 1 – 970m

1st: Bolt’s N Bolt (T: T Button J: T Button)

2nd: Hay Drag (T: M Barnham J: M Barnham)

3rd: Foolish Thought (T: J Rundle J: D Evans)

Then followed: Drag Way; Profile Rock.

Time: 59.77

Jump-out 2 – 970m

1st: Prince Dan (T: R Vale J: A Coome)

2nd: Hold That Thought (T: J Rundle J: T Hall)

3rd: Shall We Rock (T: S Sigvart J: L Dillon)

Then followed: Eldoshar.

Time: 57.19

Jump-out 3 – 530m

1st: Mystery Escort (T: T Button J: B McGregor)

2nd: Passivity (T: J O’Sing J: A Coome)

3rd: Street Singer (T: Mark Cochrane J: D Evans)

Then followed: Mr Kilcoy; Whinganunghu.

Time: 30.43

Jump-out 4 – 530m

1st: Pretty Kitty (T: V Vagg J: L Dillon)

2nd: Time to Spare (T: D Hall J: T Hall)

3rd: Boomtown Boy (T: T Button J: T Button)

Then followed: Matahina; Little White Dove.

Time: 30.39



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