Rockhampton selections

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Vince Aspinall (bookmaker)

Vince headshotRace 1: Craiglea Mission; Best Hurrah; Stylish Luck; Cash For Murtal. Craiglea Mission should get a good run on the pace and the distance drop assists.

Race 2: Seen A Host; Cherishthethought; Eldoshar; Savasha. Seen A Host races on the pace and fights on gamely.

Race 3: Vandalised; Payteevee; El Supremo; Satch. Vandalised looks the winner back to this company.

Race 4: Thunda Cookie; What A Star; Austana; Grand Hotel. Thunda Cookie had excuses last run and is suited here.

Race 5: Vicomite; Flag Favourite; Edgeroi Dixie. Vicomite should get a good run on the pace.

Race 6: Peking Luck; Kung Fu Kitty; Dorsal Fin; Apache Sox. Peking Luck should get a good run on the pace.

Race 7: Plum Bob; Mt Ziggaro; Emotionally Yours; Shadowofyoursmile. Plum Bob has an awkward draw and if he finds early cover should take holding out.

Best Bet: Race 3: Vandalised

Best Each Way Bet: Race 7 Plum Bob


RUSSELRussell Leonard (racecaller)

Race 1: Craiglea Mission; Serene Saga; Cash For Murtal.

Race 2: Seen A Host; Bedrock Betty; Eldoshar; Fickle Business.

Race 3: Vandalised; Payteevee; Craiglea Falcon; Satch.

Race 4: Thunda Cookie; Grand Hotel; What A Star; Koko Clang.

Race 5: Vicomte; Flag Favourite; Edgeroi Dixie; Dadsaidjetta.

Race 6: Kung Fu Kitty; Apache Sox; Born To Survive; Dorsal Fin.

Race 7: Plum Bob; Mt Ziggaro; Shadowofyoursmile; Emotionally Yours.

Best Bets: Race 3: Vandalised

Race 5: Vicomte


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