RJC Barrier Trials/Jumpouts/Grass Gallops Schedule July-Dec 2019

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Barrier Trials:

Monday 8th July Rocky
Wednesday 24th July Yeppoon
Monday 12th August Rocky
Monday 26th August Rocky
Friday 13th Sept Rocky
Friday 27th Sept Yeppoon
Friday 11th Oct Rocky
Monday 28th Oct Rocky
Monday 11th Nov Yeppoon
Monday 25th Nov Yeppoon
Monday 9th Dec Rocky
Monday 30th Dec Rocky.

Grass Gallops:

Tuesday 2nd July
Monday 8th July
Grass track closed for R&M
Monday 5th Aug
Monday 19th Aug
Monday 26th Aug
Friday 6th Sep
Friday 20th Sep
Friday 4th Oct
Monday 21st Oct
Friday 1st Nov
Monday 11th Nov
Monday 18th Nov
Wednesday 27th Nov
Wednesday 18th Dec


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