Rockhampton 13 January 2020 Barrier Trials

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Barrier Trial 1 – 900m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Fastnet Latina (IRE) Ricky Vale E Smith (A)
2nd Mr Attitude Ricky Vale A Butler
SCR Attique Adrian Coome
Time 56.23 600m: 32.81 400m: 21.70 200m: 11.13
Margins 934


Barrier Trial 2 – 900m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Native Bee Greame Green M Milford
2nd Pirlo Ricky Vale A Butler
3rd The Clang Affair Alan J Jones T Chambers
4th Outspoken Adrian Coome R Oakford
5th Boss Baby Peter Fleming L Dillion
6th Lady Bec Fred Smith E Smith (A)
SCR Hazar Adrian Coome
Time 57.71 600m: 34.13 400m: 22.91 200m: 11.89
Margins 12 x HD x 12HD x 314


Barrier Trial 3 – 900m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Miss Magnitude Neil Vagg T Chambers
2nd Alsaurusfirst Adrian Coome R Oakford
3rd Paris Love Rob Bowen N Seymour
4th Spring Beat Stephen O’Shea L Dillion
5th Craiglea Chantilly Krystle Johnston S Wiseman
SCR Cheers All Round Stephen Rundle
SCR Chilli Prawn Clinton Thompson
Time 58.04 600m: 35.28 400m: 23.65 200m: 12.26
Margins 34 x 112 x 412814


Barrier Trial 4 – 900m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Cat In The Raine Peter Fleming L Dillion
2nd Java Sparrow Peter Fleming T Chambers
3rd Menschkeit Lyle Wright N Seymour
4th Rocky Ready Jared Wehlow A Butler
5th Pretty Lil’ Thing John Pointon E Smith (A)
6th Craiglea Courtney Krystle Johnston S Wiseman
L/R Girl Surprise Jared Wehlow M Milford
Time 59.18 600m: 36.23 400m: 24.58 200m: 12.87
Margins L/HD x 112 x 412 x 1 x 214



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