Trial And Jump-Out Schedule

Barrier Trials:
Monday 9th Dec Rocky
Monday 30th Dec Rocky.

Grass Gallops:
Wednesday 18th Dec

Rockhampton and Yeppoon Barrier Trial Dates for 2020.
Monday 13th January Yeppoon
Monday 3rd February Yeppoon
Monday 17th February Rockhampton
Monday 2nd March Yeppoon
Monday 16th March Rockhampton
Wednesday 25th March Rockhampton
Wednesday 8th April Yeppoon
Friday 24th April Rockhampton
Monday 11th May Rockhampton
Friday 29th May Yeppoon
Monday 15th June Yeppoon
Monday 29th June Yeppoon

Rockhampton Grass Gallops
Monday 30th December
Monday 13th January
Monday 3rd February
Monday 17th February
Friday 28th February
Friday 6th March
Wednesday 25th March
Monday 13th April
Friday 24th April
Monday 4th May
Wednesday 20th May