Barrier trial results – Rockhampton, March 27, 2015

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Barrier trial results, Rockhampton March 27

Weather: Fine

Track: Good 4

Rail: Out 6m


Heat 1 (900m):

1st: Our Neddy Boy (T: J Wehlow J: T’OHara)

2nd: Cyclone Billy (T: J Wehlow J: N Vuille)

3rd: Castle Express (T: B Kenning J: Z White)

Then followed: Pygmy Hunter.

Margins: Head x 3 ¼ lengths

Time: 56.95


2015-2703-01 OPEN TRIAL

Heat 2 (900m):

1st: His Redemption (T: T Button J: A Butler)

2nd: Bernin Loose (T: T Button J: Z White)

3rd: Murtle Miss (T: T Cook J: A Coome)

Then followed: Just For Keeps; Exclusive Kitty.

Margins: Half length x 1 ¼ lengths

Time: 56.02


2015-2703-02 CLASS 4 900

Heat 3 (900m):

1st: Gemini King (T: R Vale J: Z White)

2nd: What A Star (T: C Garland J: S McGovern)

3rd: Hayylers Element (T: J Lancaster J: M Barnham)

Then followed: Hay Deet; Ernie’s World.

Margins: 1 length x 1 ¼

Time: 56.65


2015-2703 03 MAIDEN-01

Heat 4 (900m):

1st: Catch A Glimpse (T: C Garland J: S McGovern)

2nd: Ann’s Lucky Boy (T: J Wehlow J: T O’Hara)

3rd: The Clang Affair (T: F Smith J: N Vuille)

Then followed: Hay Drag; Caught Cheating.

Margins: 1 length x 4 ¼ lengths

Time: 57.02


2015-2703-04 MAIDEN 900m

Heat 5 (900m):

1st: I Exceed (T: M & C Dore J: A Coome)

2nd: King Dazzler (T: F Smith J: N Vuille)

3rd: McBridle (T: B Kenning J: A Butler)

Then followed: Al Capony; Princess Joey.

Margins: 1 ½ lengths x 2 lengths

Time: 57.22


2015-2703-05 2YO 900m

Heat 6 (900m):

1st: Saucey Angel (T: S Sigvart J: A Coome)

2nd: Sweet Marcia (T: J Pointon J: A Butler)

3rd: Zoolicious (T: B Kenning J: S McGovern)

Scratched: Rednia.

Margins: Short head x 6 lengths

Time: 57.02


2015-2703-06 2YO 900m



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