A labour of love prepping for the Capricornia Yearling Sale.

Published 31 March 2023

A labour of love prepping for the Capricornia Yearling Sale.

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Well before dawn which occurred at 6.05am this morning, stud grooms, horse handlers and vendors were going about their business at the Rockhampton Showgrounds.

Their business or hobby to some, is the breeding and rearing of thoroughbred horses.

This Sunday out there at the Robert Schwarten Pavilion, in some cases as much as 20 months of painstaking care, preparation and nurturing of their prized young horses will reach its zenith.

Hopefully most of the yearlings will be sold and enter the next phase of their lives as young thoroughbred athletes being trained to be what is commonly referred to as “racehorses”.

About 125 of them will be auctioned at Rockhampton’s Capricornia Yearling Sales – the only one of its kind in Regional Queensland.

For a behind the scenes look, I was out there just after dawn this morning basking in the atmosphere and revelling in what I love – being around the young horses and those that work by their side.

To me it’s akin to being among groups of happy go lucky young families.

It’s a workplace full of cheery faces, friendly “good days” from complete strangers as they go about their daily routine of exercising, washing, shampooing and grooming their young “pride and joys’.

Not forgetting of course cleaning out the yearling’s stables and turning and spreading their sawdust bedding to a standard that I could have slept on myself.

The affection the grooms, handlers and stud bosses exhibit for the yearlings in their care is almost contagious.

Each yearling has a stable name such as Freddy Mercury and Harry who I got to meet and best not forget Rosie which whinnied to me as if to say hello

To work and live on a stud farm, firstly being around the mares when they are mated with the stallion, fall pregnant then foal is the ultimate workplace for those who are passionate about that lifestyle.

They come under the umbrella of horse lovers and are often and proudly referred to as “horsey people”.

Their passion was ever so evident out at the Rocky Showgrounds just after dawn this morning.

I’m delighted to have put my thoughts into words and share the accompanying pictures with you all.

By the way inspections of the yearlings on offer will be taking place throughout the latter part of this afternoon and early tomorrow morning.

Don’t forget the complimentary CYS barbeque at the venue Saturday commencing around 5pm with tucker time not long later.

See you there and at the sales on Sunday with selling time to commence sharp on 11am.

Tony McMahon.

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