Retirement beckons for Rockhampton Jockey Club CEO, Ian Mill

Published 19 May 2023

Retirement beckons for Rockhampton Jockey Club CEO, Ian Mill

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Rockhampton Jockey Club’s CEO Ian Mill’s tenure is coming to a close, after a very successful period at Callaghan Park. However, his association with the industry will continue through his part ownership of several horses across Australia and New Zealand.

“One of my passions is horse racing, so to say that I have enjoyed my time at Callaghan Park is somewhat of an understatement,” Mr Mill stated. I must admit the last couple of years have flashed by, however along with our Chairman Rob Carr and his committee and our management team, we have achieved the many goals set for my agreed term as CEO.”

RJC Chairman Rob Carr has expressed his appreciation for Mr Mill’s leadership. “Ian brought with him a wealth of commercial experience and expertise which is now reflected in our business and management structure,” Mr Carr explained. “And while he has introduced a heightened level of corporate structure and governance, he has also been instrumental in all aspects of delivering the forty-plus races we conduct annually. Our membership base has grown exponentially, and Ian has introduced a ‘Gold Club’ with a focus on providing a platform for local businesses to support Rocky racing whilst enjoying some behind the scenes experiences.” We have worked hard to improve the facilities available to trainers and the club now boasts four walkers, a pool and two sand training tracks. These services will be further enhanced by a horse treadmill which is currently being installed.

Along with Chair Rob Carr, the finance Manager and team, Ian has been working very closely with Racing Queensland on a major multi-million-dollar redevelopment of the Callaghan Park facilities.

“Some parts of our major works program have been completed, our jockeys now have modern and comfortable male and female facilities, and the next stage will see an extension to our Members Lounge and an addition of a massive outdoor viewing deck.” Rob said.

A firm date has not been set for Ian’s last day at Callaghan Park, as he will stay during the recruitment program the club is currently undertaking, and until the new CEO has their feet firmly planted under the desk, which incidentally will be in a brand-new office in the work-in-progress extensions.

Ian looks mostly to spending more time with his family and grandchildren who are spread from Rockhampton through to the southeast corner, and it may surprise some, Ian has for many years run a modest herd of Brangus cross cattle, that also demands his attention.

Ian further devotes time to several community and not for profit organisations as a Board Member, lending some of his extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of health care, banking, and finance.

So, while it appears Ian Mill’s daily chores are changing, his days will certainly not be any shorter. In closing, all of us at the RJC wish Ian well in his retirement.

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