Seriously injured trainer John Poots receives a surprise visit.

Published 5 September 2023

Seriously injured trainer John Poots receives a surprise visit.

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Seriously injured Rockhampton horse trainer John Poots has been transferred from the Royal Brisbane’s Women’s Hospital to an adjoining facility where he is likely to remain for an extended period.

Poots has been in the Brisbane Hospital since being flown from Rockhampton Hospital within 24 hours after he was seriously injured in a horse related accident at, he and wife’s Louise’s Port Curtis property.

John has undergone multiple brain surgeries in Brisbane where Louise has remained at his hospital bedside.

Last Friday, John was transferred to the adjoining facility STARS – Surgical Treatment and Rehabilitation Services where he is still being fed by intravenous drip. 

 “It is an amazing unit and John has taken his first three steps heavily assisted. He has to be taught how to walk again as well as later how to eat. He is also undergoing speech therapy as he can just whisper at present”, Louise said.

“Those first few steps have given him some confidence with his legs and now it is a matter for the brain to take over and help with the working of the limbs. As well as the physio and speech therapy, John is also being given exercises to assist when he will have to swallow again”. 

It remains a mystery how Jonh Poots sustained his injuries as there was no witness to the accident.

Louise came home after briefly leaving the property to see the horse he had been working to be riderless and mixing with other horses in a yard adjacent to their training track.

” I thought the worst and saw an arm raised in the distance. I raced over and it was John, and he was in a bad way “, Louise as

Since then, Louise has lived the nightmare, but she said has been overcome by the support of people especially within the racing industry.

The Australian Trainers Association (ATA) through the racing assistance organisation QRISP (Queensland Racing Industry Support Program) launched an appeal to assist the Poots family and it has been well supported. 

“John Poots’ sole income was from his involvement with the racing industry as self-employed. The couple are facing an enormous challenge and face a long road ahead”, the ATA’s Queensland chief Cameron Partington said in launching the appeal last month.

As of today (Tuesday) $22,411 had been raised including donations from industry stakeholders, organisations and race clubs and members of the public.

At last Thursday’s Callaghan Park race meeting, this writer sought and collected cash donations from trainers, jockeys and other industry stakeholders and racegoers.

Some $1345 was raised and greatly appreciated, something Louise Poots endorsed when told.

“Everyone has been so giving and it is very humbling. It is really wonderful and so please pass on our thanks in your article”, Louise Poots said.

On Monday, the QRISP members Cameron Partington, along with Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michael Rodd and Brisbane trainer Les Ross made a surprise visit to John Poots at STARS.

“Their visit was a big boost to John’s spirits. They really brightened up his day. It was so good of them to do that”, Louise said this morning. (Tuesday).

She said John was able to whisper to his trio of visitors.

“It is all very promising just how well John is responding. Just thank everyone for us Tony”, Louise Poots concluded.

Mission accomplished Louise!

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