Betting at Callaghan Park

There are many ways to place a bet on a horse race at Callaghan Park to add to the excitement of your race day experience.

Totalisator or Bookmaker

You can either place a bet on the totalisator or with one of local bookmakers on-course.

The totalisator is operated by Tattsbet. With a totalisator system (often referred to in-short as the tote) all of the money from bets is put into a pool for each bet type on each race.

After the appropriate deductions have been made (eg there are a majority of bets on it) many people will be sharing the pool and subsequently they’ll receive a smaller amount each.

If an “outsider” or “roughie” wins, fewer people will be sharing the same pool of money and as a result the dividend (or return) will be a much larger account.

The totalisator acts as a stakeholder with participants (the punters) themselves determining the return (known as the dividend) through weight of money. With the tote, the return or dividend fluctuates up until the race betting closes.

Placing a Tote Bet

Before placing a bet with the totalisator on-course you will need to be able to tell the operator (staffer):

  • Which race you wish to bet on (eg. Rockhampton Race 1)
  • What type of bet you wish to have (eg. Win and Place Bet)
  • The name or number of your horse/selection
  • How much you wish to invest (eg. $5 each way)

Tip: You may wish to write these details down before you approach an operator or join a line so that you don’t forget what you’re asking for.

Betting with a Bookmaker

Bookmakers only accept Win and Place bets on the races in which they have markets displayed. The benefit of betting with a bookmaker is you can obtain a fixed price for your selection, so there is no change in your return if the horse wins.

Minimum Betting Limits with the On-Course Bookmaker

In accordance with Local Rule 76, the Racing Queensland Committee may prescribe the maximum amount of a bet which a Bookmaker is required to accept and shall offer to accommodate the bettor to at least that amount.

At all racing venues in Queensland and for all venues that the Bookmaker operates business on, they are required to bet to lose to the amount of $500 – effective from Saturday 1st of December 2012.

Bet Types

The most popular bet type is win/place betting.

The Win/Place is the simplest and most popular bet type. You select a runner or runners to win and/or be placed first, second or third.

A Win bet is available on every race, and a Place bet is available subject to the number of starters in a race:

  • Where there are 8 or more starters (or at least 7 if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching) then 3 place dividends are paid.
  • If there are 5, 6 or 7 starters (or 4 starters if the field has been reduced by a Late Scratching), then there will be No Third Dividend (NTD).
  • If there are 4 or less starters in a race, then there is No Place Pool (NPP) and any Place investments will be refunded.

The minimum bet for Win or Place is $1.

A win and Place bet on a runner is also known as an “each way” bet.

What if One of Your Runners is Scratched?

If your selection is declared a non-runner or is scratched after you have placed your bet your money will be refunded on that selection.

For more information on all bet types visit the Tattsbet website.

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