Historical Race Times


The race times by class and distance have now been compiled from data recorded by the industry’s data service, RISA.

The races from January 29, 2010, when the new track opened until the meeting on February 21, 2014, have been analysed and the times by both class of race and distance have been tabulated.

The times have been detailed with the fastest, mid-point and slowest time for each class of race and for each distance from 970m to 1600m.

Only times from tracks with a declared condition of dead or better have been used for calculation purposes.

For some punters the speed of the race and the time taken is a critical factor in their decision making and these tables will give you a ready reckoner of how any race relates to the other races of the same distance and class.

For owners trying to assess how good their horse’s performance was, the table provides a comparison on the class of the race and faster than the mid-point time could be considered a benchmark time for the better performers in the class of race.

The details are on the PDF link. Just click the link below to view online:

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