Rockhampton Barrier Trials 12 April 2021

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Heat 1 – 900m

1stSlaydemJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndBound to MeR MeekMs T Fenlon (A) 
3rdScoria StarM LehmannN Day 
4thStubaiR ValeMs T Chambers 
5thAsk Nino K J MillerMs A B Donald 
SCRGreat FoxT Cook  
SCROrdellR Vale  
SCRPauaR Vale  
Time54.27 HT600m: 33.84400m: 22.84200m: 11.68
MarginsNose x S/NK x 234 x 34

Heat 2 – 900m

1stDone It AgainR MeekMs A B Donald 
2ndNasaR BowenC Collis (A) 
3rdEvereadyJ McConachyN Day 
4thOur Stormy GirlP FlemmingMs E Smith 
5thCentaurA ClarkMs T Chambers 
6thBrigalow BoyC TaylorA Butler 
7thFinal CrimeZ HohnMs T Fenlon (A) 
SCRKarenoC Taylor  
Time54.27 HT600m: 34.20400m: 23.46200m: 12.16
Margins1 x 2 12NK x 114 x 34 x 334

Heat 3 – 900m

1stVok’s The OneL ClemMs T Chambers 
2ndGolden TreasureT CookMs T Fenlon (A) 
3rdFairybower FlyerJ LancasterA Butler 
4thCat TwoK J MillerMs A B Donald 
SCRLucy Van PeltZ Hohn  
Time56.18 HT600m: 35.37400m: 24.07200m: 12.71
Margins112 x L/HD x NK

Heat 4 – 900m

1stWhoshotthemagicianD WhyteMs T Chambers 
2ndMagnetic DriveC TaylorA Butler 
3rdSuper RoosterC RussellMs E Smith 
4thShatter ProofP FlemmingC Collis (A) 
5thChest StarT CookMs A B Donald 
SCRWhispering Moss   
Time55.64 HT600m: 34.84400m: 23.18200m: 11.96
Margins214 x 314 x 212 x 912


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