Rockhampton Barrier Trials 14 January 2021

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Trials were conducted outside of witches hats

Heat 1 – 900m

1stOnly Wanna SingJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndHelluva HoffaP BurkeN Seymour 
3rdLefkas IslandO CairnsC Mules (A) 
SCRRuffin’ It (NZ)Z Hohn  
Time55.78 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins2 x 134 x 2 x 12 x 112

Heat 2 – 900m

1stAleysa’s MiracleN WalshN Seymour 
2ndHey PalC TaylorA Butler 
3rdNailed It NanC TaylorJ Stanely 
4thScent of FearO CairnsC Mules (A) 
5thKefaloniaC AttardN Day 
6thMotherlodeS RundleM Murphy 
Time55.89 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
MarginsL/HD x 112 x NOSE x 112 x 5

Heat 3 – 900m

1stCat TwoK J MillerN Seymour 
2ndMaxiS O’SheaN Day 
3rdYubetidoG BellE Smith (A) 
4thLittle IvyC TaylorJ Stanely 
5thParky Not ClarkeyA CoomeM Murphy 
SCRLucy Van PeltZ Hohn  
Time56.81 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins134 x 34 x 414 x 614

Heat 4 – 900m

1stZiedrichJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndAlotta AttitudeN WalshN Seymour 
3rdWhosdayJ ManzelmannC Collis (A) 
4thInterplanetaryJ RundleM Murphy 
5thKalgoorlieS RundleJ McGrath (A) 
6thBootyful DivaJ Poots  
Time55.57 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins1014 x 114 x 34 x 412 x L/HD

Heat 5 – 900m

1stAvocado SunsetJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndZimboombahJ WiggintonJ Stanely 
3rdMorataO CairnsN Day 
4thTurf TigerK J MillerN Seymour 
5thOconee (NZ)A CoomeJ McGrath (A) 
Time55.52 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins734 x 12NK x 34 x 12NK

Heat 6 – 900m

1stBean DeadlyK J MillerC Collis (A) 
2ndLascoG GreenMurphy 
3rdRound The FireC RussellA Butler 
4thJack’s EchoT SmithE Smith (A) 
5thPassionate EmbraceD JohnstonB Appo 
Time56.53 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
MarginsS/NK x S/HD x 2 x NK

Heat 7 – 900m

1stAttackabeelC TaylorJ Stanely 
2ndI’m StrollingNc WalshN Seymour 
3rdAhooshuG GreenM Murphy 
4thIsis CarmellaK J MillerC Collis (A) 
5thFire KingO CairnsN Day 
Time55.32 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins234 x 3 x 534 x 34


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