Rockhampton Barrier Trials 23 April 2021

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Heat 1 – 900m

1stFly For Yulong (IRE)J WehlowA Butler 
2ndElectrifiedJ WehlowC Collis (A) 
3rdPauaR ValeT Chambers 
4thOnly EmmaT McMahon A Donald (A) 
5thAsk NinoK J MillerT Fenlon 
Time54.26 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins134 x 12 x 1 x 12HD

Heat 2 – 900m

1stAsk Me Tomorrow T SmithMiss T Fenlon (A) 
2ndChattanooga LucyC TaylorA Butler 
3rdKarenoC TaylorA Donald (A) 
4thI Feel RealF SmithC Collis (A) 
5thMarron ChevalN VaggJ Stephens 
SCRDawson DelightC Taylor  
Time54.70 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins134 x 434 x 3 x 134

Heat 3 – 900m

1stSahara SallyJ O’SingA Donald (A) 
2ndFiarybower FlyerJ LancasterT Chambers 
3rdSpring AffairR WestC Collis (A) 
4thWhispering MossZ HohnMiss T Fenlon (A) 
SCRBeat Da LightJ WehlowA Butler 
SCRGolden TreasureT Cook  
Time54.11 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins634 x 614 x 3114

Heat 4 – 900m

1stEvereadyJ McConachyJ Stephens 
2ndAccelerantR ValeT Chambers 
3rdSaborJ WehlowA Butler 
4thFinal CrimeZ HohnMiss T Fenlon 
5thSassy AuraK J MillerA Donald (A) 
6thSagittariusJ WehlowA Butler 
Time54.30 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins114 x 214 x 512 x 34 x 34

Heat 5 – 900m

1stMoonlit RoseJ Wigginton A Butler 
2ndIsis CarmellaK J MillerT Chambers 
3rdChest StarT CookA Donald (A) 
SCRWhispering MossZ Hohn  
Time56.80 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins4 x 214


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