Rockhampton Barrier Trials 30 December 2020

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Trials 1 to 6 were conducted outside of witches hats

Heat 1 – 900m

1stJack LancasterL WrightC McIver 
2ndManlia MissK J MillerN Seymour 
3rdOn The TweedD SchultzM Potgieter (A) 
4thPlanet WarriorO CairnsJ Stanely 
5thTicket KeeperO CairnsC Mules (A) 
6thLingalonga LassD JohnstonA Butler 
Time56.99 HT600m: 34.84400m: 22.61200m: 12.20
Margins2 x 134 x 2 x 12 x 112

Heat 2 – 900m

1stAttiqueA CoomeM Murphy 
2ndQuindiO CairnsA Butler 
3rdFinucane MissileC TaylorJ Stanely 
4thMason’s ChanceO CairnsC Mules 
5thSpringthorpeO CairnsM Potgieter (A) 
6thDuan PhoenixD SchultzC McIver 
Time58.02 HT600m: 35.05400m: 23.90200m: 12.43
Margins1 x 114 x 34 x S/HD x 112

Heat 3 – 900m

1stReal AnaT SmithE Smith (A) 
2ndRuffin’ ItZ HohnC McIver 
3rdRay’s JunctionS RundleA Ross 
4thRoadhouseO CairnsA Butler 
Time57.60 HT600m: 35.70400m: 24.28200m: 12.51
Margins212 x NK x 112

Heat 4 – 900m

1stAleysa’s DreamN WalshN Seymour 
2ndMiraculous A CoomeJ Stanely 
3rdVamparinaO CairnsC Mules (A) 
Time57.96 HT600m: 36.32400m: 24.93200m: 13.21
Margins214 x 22

Heat 5 – 900m

1stLucky Can PeltZ HohnE Smith (A) 
2ndDeck of AcesI PrizemanM Potgieter (A) 
3rdManificaS O’SheaM Murphy 
4thKalgoorlieS RundleA Ross 
5thOconee (NZ)A CoomeJ Stanely 
6thCat TwoK J MillerN Seymour 
SCRZiedrichJ Wehlow  
Time58.02 HT600m: 36.48400m: 24.90200m: 12.95
Margins112 x 3 x HD x 412 x 1

Heat 6 – 900m

1stAvacado SunsetJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndBold AdvanceJ WehlowC McIver 
3rdMotherlodeS RundleA Ross 
4thLittle IvyC TaylorJ Stanely 
LPBootyful DivaJ PootsR Oakford 
SCRAlotta AttitudeN Walsh  
Time59.24 HT600m: 37.07400m: 25.25200m: 13.31
Margins2 x 34 x 534

Heat 7 – 900m

1stBean DeadlyK J MillerC McIver 
2ndKashkarF SmithE Smith (A) 
3rdCleopatra’s StarC TaylorJ Stanely 
4thWhispering MossT SmithC Collis (A) 
5thBootlaceJ O’SingR Oakford 
6thCross of SacrificeC RussellA Butler 
Time57.09 HT600m: 35.57400m: 24.42200m: 12.65
Margins12HD x 712 x 9 x 112 x 3

Heat 8 – 900m

1stDare to ShareR BowenR Oakford 
2ndBetter Ask RoyJ WiggintonA Butler 
3rdLove You LindaA CoomeM Murphy 
4thRound the FireC RussellE Smith (A) 
5thIsis CarmellaK J MillerN Seymour 
6thAttackabeelC TaylorJ Stanely 
Time58.27 HT600m: 35.19400m: 24.71200m: 13.01
Margins134 x S/HD x 2 x 114 x 112


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