Rockhampton Jump Outs 27 July 2020


Long Jump Out

Heat 1 – 900m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Zabring C Taylor A Donald
2nd Thai Diva C Taylor A Butler
3rd Sharinda A Coome S Wiseman
4th Nineoneone A Coome A Coome
5th Bell Dragon K Hansen Z White
6th Unamed All Too Hard A Coome E Molloy (A)
7th Parkie Not Clark A Coome R Oakford
Time 55.70HT 600m: 34.59 400m: 23.47 200m: 11.89
Margins 414 x Nose x 114 x 112 x 1 x 12


Short Jumpouts

Heat 1 – 530m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Sahara Sally J O’Sing S Wiseman
2nd Princess Rules N Walsh Z White
3rd Lotta Attitude N Walsh A Coome
4th Noveure Fille T McMahon M Cullen
5th Unamed Z Hohn A Butler
6th Unamed Extinction L Wright T Chambers
Time 30.21


Heat 2 – 530m

Result Horse Trainer Jockey
1st Dragon Pins J McConachy R Oakford
2nd Ketchikan Gold J O’Sing S Wiseman
3rd Right The Rules C Taylor Z White
4th Tashanka B Weeks T Chambers
SCR Noveure Fille T McMahon
Time 30.11


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