Yeppoon Barrier Trials 15 September 2021

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Heat 1 – 900m – SCRATCHED

SCRHighmasterJ Wehlow  
SCRBig JakeC Taylor  
SCRNorth AfrikaJ Wehlow  

Heat 2 – 900m – SCRATCHED

SCRMontana NightC Taylor  
SCRSaborJ Wehlow  
SCRKinky DreamsC Taylor  

Heat 3 – 900m

1stFashion GuruR ValeMs T Chambers 
2ndFerenzoD JohnstonC Collis (A) 
3rdYandoobieS RundleJ Baker 
4thEmperor Of LightR WestMs A Donald (A) 
SCRHenry’sastarS Rundle  
Time54.92 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins414 x 3 x 1614

Heat 4 – 900m

1stHighmasterJ WehlowA Butler 
2ndChampagne At DawnZ HohnMs A Donald 
3rdFactor That InS RundleJ Baker 
4thCraicN VaggMs T Chambers 
5thFitzroy FillyR BowenC Collis (A) 
SCRLiverpool GalJ Wigginton  
Time54.37 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
MarginsNK x 114 x 2 x 5


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