Yeppoon Barrier Trials 2 October 2020

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Heat 1 – 900m

1stBittergreymagicA J JonesD Graham (A)
2ndReal AnaT SmithE Smith (A)
3rdNouverre FilleT McMahonN Summers
4thIn The ChurchS SigvartZ White
5thElliott’s MagicP FlemingS Wiseman
Time52.20 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
MarginsHD x 512 x 34 x 1012

Heat 2 – 900m

1stMy VoiceD SchultzC Collis (A)
2ndCat In The RaineP FlemingS Wiseman
3rdMotherlodeS RundleR Oakford
L/SCRFoxterT SmithE Smith (A)
Time52.54 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins212 x 12

Heat 3 – 900m

1stEl DiezJ WehlowS Wiseman
2ndHidden JoyN WalshE Smith (A)
3rdMorning TouchD SchultzZ White
4thSpring AffairR WestR Oakford
Time52.25 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins12HD x 6 x 5


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