Yeppoon Barrier Trials 24 August 2020

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Heat 1 – 900m

1stAllround GloryN WalshB Appo
2ndAbsolute BonzaK J MillerK Patch (A)
3rdChinchinbillaB JohnsonD Graham (A)
SCRLunch With CoopsZ Hohn
Time51.52 HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins112 x 1212

Heat 2 – 900m

1stKefaloniaC AttardZ White
2ndPrincess RulesN WalshC Collis (A)
3rdBig GeeR ValeT Chambers
4thBlame It On ParisZ HohnB Appo
5thSpill The PenniesK HansenR Oakford
Time52.38HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins134 x 414 x 2 x 234

Heat 3 – 900m

1stKatandraL ClemT Chambers
2ndFairybower FlyerJ LancasterM Barnham
3rdSome Fairy SongF SmithC Collis (A)
4thThe Zhars DaughterA Ross (A)
Time53.75HT600m: NA400m: NA200m: NA
Margins314 x 12 x 1


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