Archie Coome starting early!

Published 14 January 2023

Archie Coome starting early!

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It’s little wonder that a large proportion of children of racing stakeholder parents choose the racing industry as their career path.

Let’s face it they are introduced to horses and race days from a very early age as the accompanying pictures confirm.

How early might that be, I hear you asking?

Well let’s try less than three weeks old.

It well could be that infant Archie Coome who turned three weeks yesterday (Thursday, January 12, 2023) holds the record in that category.

Archie is the son of Callaghan Park trainer-jockey Adrian Coome and his partner Mully Green and was a Christmas baby born on December 22, 2022.

Mum, Mully is the daughter of trainer Graeme Green and his wife Julie a former trainer herself.

Adrian Coome will tell you that Mully is not only his partner but stable foreperson and a tireless worker around his Callaghan Park stables and on race days as was the case last Tuesday.

“Be lost without Mully”, I can hear Adrian saying.

It’s a hands-on business for the young couple training and looking after their team of horses and Archie very quickly has become part of that racing family.

I’ve been in racing the greater part of my 70 years but I must confess I have never seen a trainer collecting the saddle for his starter while pushing a pram with his baby in it.

When I turned a corner and virtually ran into the lads on duty at the track, I just had to get a photograph and proud dad Adrian willingly obliged.

The photo is of Adrian pushing the pram with one hand and carrying the saddle in the other for his starter Moenave on way to the saddling stalls at Rockhampton’s Callaghan Park races last Tuesday.

While Moenave could only subsequently run third, I reckon the picture of Adrian, the saddle and the pram carrying baby Archie will certainly be a winner and indeed a treasure.

It is in keeping with the line “you never know who or what you will run into on a racecourse”.

You may never see another picture like it again, although no doubt Adrian, Mully and Archie will be off racing and working come race day again at Callaghan Park next Thursday.

Pictured: Archie Coome was just 10 days old on New Year’s Day when introduced to his first racehorse Nor Force with his parents Adrian and Mully outside their Callaghan Park on-course stables. PHOTO: Supplied.


Tony McMahon.

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