Geoff Elliott’s Milo Man 4 for 4.

Published 19 January 2023

Geoff Elliott’s Milo Man 4 for 4.

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Allenstown butcher Geoff Elliott has a reputation for dealing in good steaks but when it comes to horseflesh the stakes have become very enticing through his Milo Man.

Unlike butcher Geoff’s steaks, Milo Man is tough as old boots which he exhibited in a defiant all-the -way win at Rockhampton’s Callaghan Park racecourse on Thursday.

Milo Man (Ryan Wiggins, $2.00 fav) fought back courageously to win the $20K Class 4 Handicap (1300m) in a close finish whereby a butcher’s apron would have barely covered and separated the heads of the first three horses.

Toughing it out, Milo Man stalled off fast approaching Police (NZ) (Les Tilley, $10.00) to win by about a horse’s neck with Edification (Justin Stanley, $4.60) a nose away third.

Stable named Milo, the natty gelding has won his only four starts since Elliott first saw him displayed for sale online last September and subsequently bough him for $5000.

In the process of those three Rockhampton wins and a Mackay victory, Milo Man has won $44,000 in prize money which sure beats selling sausages.

“I bought him off Michael Beattie the CEO of the Grafton Race Club as he had won his previous start for Michael at Armidale. He told me there was nothing wrong with Milo and that he was sound. It was just a case he said of him having too many horses and having to make way for his young stock”, a beaming Geoff said after Thursday’s win.

Like most butchers, Geoff doesn’t mind a yard so I let him chatter on “I’d bought a horse previously off Michael named Skybrooke and I won a Calliope Cup with it. Great thing you know buying horses off good blokes that don’t spin you along with bull yarns and excuses but tell you the truth”, Geoff said.

The race in question on Thursday, was one that produced multiples for all associated with Milo Man on the day.

It was Milo Man’s fifth consecutive win, jockey Ryan Wiggins fourth for the afternoon while it brought-up trainer Nick Walsh’s best day racing at Callaghan Park through training three winners.

Right from the time Milo Man came off the float when first arriving in Rocky four months ago after leaving a much more temperate Grafton, he adapted quickly to the heat and humid conditions here.

When Nick Walsh first put him down and trialled Milo Man at Callaghan Park on October 28, he and owner Geoff were pleasantly shocked when he defeated open champ Master Jamie comfortably.

“I thought then I might have finally cracked a good horse but after this win today (Thursday) I know I have a good horse”, a comment winning jock Ryan Wiggins gave the thumbs up to.

Meanwhile, speaking from Grafton previous owner Michael Beattie gave the impression that he was just as happy as Geoff Elliott was at Callaghan Park racecourse some 932kl north.

“Look, I like selling winners as it brings repeat business. My philosophy is that if you sell people winners, they will come looking for another at some stage”, Beattie said.

Being somewhat cynical at times this to me sounded like a lot of bull but when Beattie explained his reasoning to banish Milo for just five lousy grand, I must confess it did made sense.

“He earned $15,000 first prize money when he last raced and won for me at Armidale on September 18 before, I sold him for $5000. As well he had earned another $7K when I raced him. So, all up-Milo Man had earned over $22,000 in prizemoney for me in just the six months I had raced him.

So, from my point of view to sell him for $5000 made sense as really, he was a $27,000 good horse to me”, Michael Beattie explained.

I was left wondering when I got off the phone from Michael Beattie had he ever been a butcher because I bet, he too would have had the gist of coming up trumps at selling rumps.


Tony McMahon

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