Trainer Garnett Taylor Callaghan Park Bound

Published 29 August 2022

Trainer Garnett Taylor Callaghan Park Bound

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Around midnight (Monday, August 29) trainer Garnett Taylor will load three horses from his Corbould Park stables onto his float bound for Callaghan Park, Rockhampton.

The trio are Bold Rumble (Race 1 -TAB 1), Peter The Piper (R5 -TAB 2) and Sergeant Hulka (R 6 -TAB 1) while his other acceptor First Son is to be scratched.  Then after travelling the 557km to his destination, he will arrive around 6 to 6.30am on race morning at the horses’ temporary lodgings. Around 12 hours later the reverse scenario will unfold as trainer and horses take the same route south along the Bruce Highway headed for home.

It’s a routine Taylor, twice Rockhampton’s premier trainer before vacating a decade back to the Sunshine Coast, has gotten ‘down pat’ thereby placing his horses where they are best suited. In fact, since August 1 last year, Garnett has made the trip back and forth on 19 separate occasions resulting in 13 winners with his best a winning treble on January 27 this year. By doing so he has carved out 10,583 kilometres.

Taylor has made the Caloundra-Rockhampton racing mission well over 100 times since leaving Callaghan Park for permanency at Corbould Park in 2012. So much so, his horses mainly racing in the stables red and white livery have become so much of a constant at RJC race meetings that the effort made to get them racing there is entirely overlooked. It’s akin I suppose to the ethos that “familiarity breeds contempt”.

After a marathon nine-hour drive, I made from North Brisbane to Rockhampton last Friday along the “Roadworks Highway” known as Bruce, I for one sympathise with trainers floating their horses along its route. “Oh, a nine-hour drive with the horses would be a killer for me. I leave around midnight going up to Rocky for two reasons. First the horses travel much better at night and secondly, I can usually avoid a lot of traffic and all the regular delays with the roadworks but having said that in all my time doing it, I have never seen the roadworks so bad”, Garnett explained. 

By getting the horses unloaded in Rockhampton just after dawn, they get the opportunity to rest for some hours before their racing engagements that afternoon. So too does trainer Taylor, It’s the same after the races.

“They are fed, watered and bedded down and usually refreshed after a sleep for the trip back around midnight. I try to get a few hours sleep myself”, he said. Taylor is due for a change of fortunes as his last three treks north have been devoid of a winner after Bold Pedro saluted on July 9. He spoke confidently about his three runners on Tuesday saying “they all are great chances and really it is hard to separate them”.

While not leaning to anyone of the three as a standout, Garnett did say Peter The Piper “was flying but had a bad draw to overcome”. As an aside, Garnett Taylor is in the process of cutting back his team by half. “I’ll only have 16 in work. It is just getting too hard to get staff’, he said which is a universal problem besetting the racing industry.

Racing commences at Callaghan Park at the later starting time of 1.27pm with the last to be run off at 4.34pm.


After this Tuesday, August 30 race meeting, Callaghan Park will be closed for a month with annual track infrastructure makeup taking place. The scheduled race RJC meetings on Tuesday, September 13 and Tuesday, September 27 have been transferred to Keppel Park, Yeppoon. 


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