Trainer Notice

Published 17 May 2022

Trainer Notice

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TRAINERS: Please find attached the draft program submitted by RQ’s Col Truscott for the month of September. Also attached are the draft race programs for Mackay.

This gives trainers the opportunity to view the programs for the designated month and offer any feedback/suggestions designed to enhance the ROCKHAMPTON race programs only.

We have no input with programming for other clubs – these have only been made available to you to assess the overall picture.

Whilst previously the draft programs for up to a three months period in advance were revised by a select panel, the new policy instigated by the RJC provides all individual trainers this opportunity.

Those who attended the trainers meeting on March 31 at Callaghan Park had explained to them the intricacies about setting programs.

Such as the variables involving class and distances and the restrictions of race numbers per individual meeting.

For instance, there are presently 19 race class options over nine different race distances at Callaghan Park which amounts to approximately 180 options at any one time.

Only eight races can be programmed for mid-week TAB RJC meetings (Thursday/Friday), seven (Monday/Tuesday) and usually six for Saturdays with around 37 race dates allocated per season.

Those figures explain the difficulties in programming especially with so many options and such restrictions on races numbers allowed on each race day.

Programming is not an exact science – never has been and never will be and it is impossible to please all the people (trainers in this case) all of the time – some of them sometimes yes.

This new policy of citing the programs before they are set in stone is I believe a first in Rockhampton and a positive move.

However, it does not mean that all suggestions for amendments will materialise but it is innovative and does mean they will be assessed with the big picture in mind.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please advise me personally no later than the deadline of Thursday May 19 at 12 noon.

I can be contacted on mobile 0428.291762 or at

The programs will not be available to be revised after that time and will be finalised with RQ’s Colin Truscott forthwith.


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