11 July 2022 Results

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Weather – Fine

Track – Good 4

Long Jumpouts

Heat 1

1stNorth AfricaJared WehlowAdrian Wehlow
2ndFlying HomerTim CookE Molloy
3rdMr DemolitionJamie McConachyJustin Stanley

Times: 53.91 HT

Margins: NK x 2½

Short Jumpouts

Heat 1

1stMerida BowJohn WiggintonBree Harrison
2ndJabali GoldClint TaylorJustin Stanley
3rdMontana NightClint TaylorTahlia Fenlon

Times: 29.28 HT

Heat 2

1stOly BoomClint TaylorJustin Stanley
2ndAmerican FantasyClint TaylorClint Taylor
3rdRuby LagoJohn WiggintonBree Harrison

Times: 30.65 HT

Heat 3

1stBetter Than ElvisKevin HansonJustin Stanley
2ndCity MissionJamie McConachyTahlia Fenlon
3rdNot Your DameClint TaylorNikki Olzard

Times: 28.81 HT

Barrier Trials

Heat 1

1stBoom Boom BeckerClinton TaylorJustin Stanley
2ndFortnite Alan JonesNatalie Summers
3rdHyperion Star (NZ)Patrick DillonTasha Chambers

Times: 53.61 HT, 600m 34.29

Margins: 1½ x 1¼

Heat 2

1stReady For Magic Ricky ValeBrooke Johnson
2ndFive Star Decanter (NZ)Leanne ApplewaiteNatalie Summers
3rdFortified (NZ)Peter FlemingJustin Stanley

Times: 53.92 HT, 600m 33.35

Margins: 6½ x S/NK

Heat 3

1stKick On CommandClinton TaylorJustin Stanley
2ndReady By MidnightDale WhyteCasey Bailey
3rdMadancer Laurie ClemTasha Chambers
4thSnitz ’N’ ChipsAdrian CoomeTahlia Fenlon
SCRBenicio DustyJared WehlowSCR

Times: 54.78 HT, 600m 34.71

Margins: 1¾ x 1 x 7¾

Heat 4

1stThe Company Ricky ValeBrooke Johnson
2ndPower LoadJason MorganTasha Chambers
3rdRogue EncounterKevin HansenJustin Stanley
4thSoaring SpiritJared WehlowTahlia Fenlon
5thReadyentimeAdrian CoomeMartin Haley

Times: 54.95 HT, 600m 34.28

Margins: ¾ x NK x S/HD x 3¼

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