29 October 2021 Results

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Short Jumpouts

Heat 1 - 530m

1stZipping IrishC TaylorN Day
2ndUnnamed Dream AheadJ WiggintonD McGillivray
3rdSweet WayC TaylorJ Stanley
4thUnamed Olympic GloryK SmythM Barnham

Times: 30.63 HT

Heat 2 - 530m

1stUnnamed SidestepT SmithMs T Fenlon (A)
2ndTwisted SisterC TaylorJ Stanley
3rdUnnamed BeneficaA CoomeC Collis (A)
4thUnnamedC SmithMs L O’Donnell

Times: 30.95 HT

Heat 3 - 530m

1stUnnamedJ WehlowMs A Wehlow
2ndUnnamed Better Than ReadyA CoomeC Collis (A)
3rdBest BeeC TaylorJ Stanley

Times: 30.79 HT

Heat 4 - 530m

1stLegal ChanceL RoweMs L O’Donnell
2ndUnnamedK MillerMs T Fenlon (A)
3rdRooskiR ValeMs S Evans
4thUnnamedS RundleN Day

Times: 30.42 HT

Heat 5 - 530m

1stListen MateT CookMs A Donald
2ndMotherloadS RundleD McGillivray
3rdSilver LucyL RoweMs L O’Donnell
SCRBantu BayL Rowe

Times: 30.25 HT

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